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                                          Massage Services:


Relaxation Massage ~ Using light to mild pressure, this massage is for general relaxation & soothing the nerves.

Deep Tissue Massage ~ Deep pressure is used for a therapeutic approach on  specific areas of chronic pain.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage ~ Ancient Traditional Hawaiian Massage with soothing moderate pressure.

Couples Massage ~ Couples or friends enjoy a relaxing massage in the same room with two massage therapists.

Therapeutic Massage ~ Several focused massage treatments are used to achieve long-term healing.

Sports Massage ~ A customized therapeutic approach for athletes who require focused massage techniques.

Pre-Natal Pregnancy Massage ~ A deeply nurturing massage for mothers-to-be that support pregnancy.

                                          Massage Add-ins

Herbal Oil ~ We use Therapeutic grade Herbal Oil on the entire body to reduce pain, tension, & inflammation.

Hot Stones ~ Adding in heated river stones to enhance your massage therapy session to help reduce pain.

Conditioning Foot Treatment ~ An organic herbal sugar/salt foot scrub followed by a moisturizing treatment.

Aromatherapy Oil ~Therapeutic Essential Oil in massage oil & air dispenser for full immersion of senses.

Frangipani Scalp Treatment ~ Plumeria & Gardenia infused coconut oil hydrates scalp and relaxes the mind.

                                      Holistic Health Services

Basic 1hr. Health Consult ~    A basic assessment of your over-all health picture.  A curated protocol is given.

Advanced 2hr. Health Consult ~ A more in-depth advanced progression following the basic health consult.

Long-Term In-Depth Care ~ Long-term care for healing of people dealing with chronic health conditions.

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